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About Our Company

Hydro Designs provides design, advice, and direction to its clients by combining technical expertise, experience, and values of environmental conservation. Clear and accurate communication is key to our work: we strive to understand what a client wants to achieve; we interpret and elaborate upon this goal using our technical expertise, experience, and environmental values; and we translate this goal into drawings, narratives, and specifications from which the client’s goal may be achieved. This is a new sentence.

Hydro Designs has been providing irrigation consulting and design services for large and small landscapes (estates, streetscapes, cemeteries, parks, campuses), athletic fields, golf courses, and for wastewater disposal since 1989. Both of the two principal designers have advanced university degrees in agricultural engineering, which results in a well-developed understanding of the interaction of the soil-water-plant environment and the engineering concepts of irrigation systems, water pumping, and automatic controls.

We translate the clients’ desires and needs into an irrigation system that is durable, efficient in use of water and energy, environmentally responsible, and manageable. We help the client understand the balance among capital investment, operational expense, system longevity, and usefulness.

Hydro Designs is a consulting firm, not simply an irrigation design firm. We try to make sure that the client understands the concepts behind the design so that informed choices may be made with respect to budget, construction, and operations

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